rainbow school

About us

Rainbow School was established in 2009 as an empowerment group for LGBTQI+ teachers, initially under the name “Homophobia and Transphobia in Education”. It gradually evolved into an organized activist group that demands institutional change for securing a more inclusive educational environment for both students and teachers.

In the process, it organized its activities on a systematic basis and acquired a wide base of members who come mainly from education, humanities and mental health professions, as well as the LGBTQI+ community.

After 10 years in the field of combating discrimination in education, Rainbow School has received legal status as a civil non-profit organization in order to expand its work.

Our Goals

Elimination of prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and gender characteristics in the Greek education system;

Awareness and empowerment of teachers and support from trade unions;

Improving education (inclusion and citizenship, respect for human rights, cultivating critical ability);

Institutionalization of inclusion in Greek education;

More orderly and distinct function of judicial, executive, legislative branches of government as well as the media, transparency and accountability;

Education of the Educational Community, Media and Institutions.

What we do

In order to achieve these goals, and in general to change the stereotypical perceptions of society as regards LGBTQI+ issues, we work on educating teachers, students, parents, institutions and the general public, we produce educational material, we conduct research in related fields, we collaborate on related fields with other collectivities and associations and we push for the institutionalization of LGBTQI+ rights.

Our values


We seek to give our members a sense of “belonging” and to develop a common “code” of communication to support the independence and confidence of everyone.


We participate in political and social discussion in Greece, focusing on political and social structures of shaping opinions or decision-making in relation to LGBTQI_ rights and thus contributing to a safe democratic society for all individuals.


We seek dialogue and cooperation with other organizations and institutions, always with the aim of promoting the interests of citizens.


As members of a Civil Society organization, we strive every day to put into practice the democratic principles on which we have structured the organization of Rainbow School.


We recognize our responsibility towards society and the environment, the moral principle of equal rights between present and future generations.

Visit our website for more information:  https://rainbowschool.gr/